What’s The Ph Of Stomach Acid In A Sperm Whale
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So anyone inside a sperm whale’s belly would be without oxygen, experience incredible air pressure changes causing fatal decompression sickness, be digested by the whale’s stomach juices, and be in the company of some 2 tonnes of daily eaten octopus and/or shark, usually swallowed whole and clearly unhappy about it too. In short, it didn’t happen.

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The contents of the stomach are highly acidic, with a pH level of 2.0. It can cause symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease such as acid regurgitation, heartburn and chest pain. Excess acidity in the gastric juice in the stomach can lead to heartburn discomfort.

As food enters the stomach, the rugae stretch, causing mechanoreceptors, embedded in the muscular walls of the stomach, to increase the rate of action potentials being fired. This increase in action potentials will increase the amount of gastric secretions and muscle contractions (positive feedback)

According to Riggs’ findings, some whalers saw a group of sperm whales passing along the Western Australian cost at the time in question. The filmmaker said.

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JAKARTA (Reuters) – A sperm whale found dead in a national park in Indonesia had nearly six kilogrammes (13.2 lbs) of plastic waste, including 115 cups, in its stomach, park officials said on Tuesday.

STUDIES ON CRYSTALLINE WHALE PEPSIN – 北海道大学 – As shown in Table 2, the second chamber of the whale stomach is the main glandular stomach and also there are small amounts of pepsin in the third and fourth, although it was reported by Akiya 17) that the third chamber was the

05.06.2008  · While the common Greenland whale could scarcely swallow an orange, the sperm whale has a mouth that averages 20 feet long, 15 feet high, and 9 feet wide. It is well known that the sperm whale feeds largely on squid which, of course, are much larger than humans.

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The temperature in the human stomach would be around 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.6 degrees Celsius. This is also known as the core body temperature and is usually measured rectally. Core body temperature is the most accurate and relevant source for measuring temperature.

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A dead whale that washed ashore in a national park in Indonesia had 115 plastic cups in its stomach, park officials said on Tuesday. The 31ft sperm whale was found in waters near Kapota Island.

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