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The enzymatic polymerization of aniline to polyaniline (PANI) with Trametes versicolor laccase (TvL) as catalyst and dioxygen (O 2) as oxidant was investigated in an aqueous medium containing unilamellar vesicles with an average diameter of about 80 nm formed.

André Choinowski This paper describes the development of an Optical 3D Shaft Inspection System needed for the survey and monitoring of Water Handling Shafts in the German Ruhrgebiet.

18.11.2010  · Pogni R, Baratto MC, Teutloff C, Giansanti S, Ruiz-Dueñas FJ, Choinowski T, Piontek K, Martínez AT, Lendzian F, Basosi R. J. Biol. Chem. 2006; 281:9517–9526.

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Babaee, Mohammadreza und Tsoukalas, Stefanos und Rigoll, Gerhard und Datcu, Mihai (2015) Immersive Visualization of Visual Data Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization. Neurocomputing, 173 (2), Seiten 245-255. Elsevier. ISSN 0925-2312 Volltext nicht online.

Type one (T1) Cu sites deliver electrons to catalytic Cu active sites: the mononuclear type two (T2) Cu site in nitrite reductases (NiRs) and the trinuclear Cu cluster in the multicopper oxidases (MCOs).

Thomas Choinowski, Wolfgang Blodig, Kaspar H Winterhalter and Klaus Piontek, The crystal structure of lignin peroxidase at 1.70 Å resolution reveals a hydroxy group on the C β of tryptophan 171: A novel radical site formed during the redox cycle 1 1Edited by R. Huber, Journal of Molecular Biology, 10.1006/jmbi.1998.2507, 286, 3, (809-827), (1999).

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Gerd Gross Dec 16, 2011. GERD, Gross Expenditures on R&D, PPP, Purchasing Power Parity. of gross domestic product), each intends to increase its funding over the. Jul 15, 2015. A small angle (His angle) between the oesophagus and the fundus of the stomach is considered to act as flap valve and anti-reflux barrier. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance

publications — Arbeitskreis Prof. Dr. Plattner – Rebecca Pogni, M. Camilla Baratto, Christian Teutloff, Stefania Giansanti, Francisco J. Ruiz-Dueñas, Thomas Choinowski, Klaus Piontek, Angel T. Martínez, Friedhelm Lendzian, Riccardo Basosi "A tryptophan neutral radical in the oxidized state of versatile peroxidase from Pleurotus eryngii – A combined multifrequency EPR and density functional theory study"

Dr. Gerhard Link, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Earth Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Albertstraβe 21, 79104 Freiburg (Germany), Fax: (+49) 761.

with Dr Gerhard Mack, Editor and Critic for Art and Architecture at the NZZ am Sonntag Finissage /Closing Reception: Thursday, 18 April, 5 pm – 9 pm The artist will be present.

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